Banglapress Online: Ayub Bachchu,Bangladesh’s rock legend, composer and founder of musical band LRB, died of a heart attack in Dhaka today at the age of 56. He was taken to Square Hospital around 9:15am when doctors declared him “brought dead”,…

Aug 21 grenade attack: Babar, 18 others to die, Tarique, 18 others to awarded life

Banglapress Online: A speedy trial tribunal on Wednesday...

Brett Kavanaugh Narrowly Confirmed By Senate in Historic, Controversial Vote

Banglapress Online: The Senate confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh...

10 people shot at an apartment complex in California

Banglapress Online: 10 people have been shot in...

Mass shooting at video game tournament in Jacksonville leaves mutiple dead

Banglapress Online: Multiple people were killed in a mass...

John McCain, senator and former presidential candidate, dies at 81

Banglapress Online: Whenever America was in a fight during...

Trump’s ‘dirty war’ on media draws editorials in 300 US outlets

Banglapress Online: More than 300 news outlets are launching...

Pennsylvania Report Alleges Child Sex Abuse by More Than 300 Priests

New York Correspondent : Catholic officials in Pennsylvania systematically...

Airline mechanic steals a plane from Seattle airport and crashes (Video)

New York Correspondent: An airline mechanic stole an empty...

Meet the newest US citizens: Melania Trump’s parents

New York Correspondent: First lady Melania Trump’s parents were...


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